Best thing to happen to landlords. LELA has turned average landlords into Professional Housing Providers.

Joe K., Member since 1988

We’re always able to complete evictions with LELA support, education and on-going training.

Ray D., Member since 1996

LELA has been very beneficial to me. It is an asset to be associated with successful people who know the business.

John F., Member since 2001

LELA is a great organization that is doing much for the landlords in the area. The growth and accomplishments we’ve made with our local city administrators attest our success in landlording.

William B., Member since 1996

This is a great organization. I suggest membership to everyone I meet who owns income property.

Bill K., Member since 1996

LELA should keep doing, what it’s doing. It’s a good organization providing positive public relations and promoting good landlording in Northern Ohio. The support that LELA provides its members is excellent.

Mark B., Member since 1997